Cranbrook Comedy Club

Introducing one of the best Comedy Clubs in Kent at the Queen’s Hall Theatre, Cranbrook.

If you’re looking to chuckle till you snort,  giggle till you cry and laugh until it hurts, then come and join us at The Queens Hall Theatre for The Cranbrook Comedy Club. We will make sure you’re cracking up, splitting your sides and rolling in the aisles.

We aim to bring the highest-profile acts we can to Cranbrook, so please check in on our Facebook and Twitter pages for our current line-up and for special offers and discounts on tickets.

What makes us different from other local comedy clubs? We won’t risk your ticket price and your enjoyment on unknown comedians, we pride ourselves on providing a lineup of high-quality comedians that already have a name for themselves offering you, the customer 3 or so headline act comedians for almost half the cost of Komidia or Comedy Store tickets. We work closely with Ian Stewart from Lonestar Comedy who acts as our partner and booking agent, comedy is Ian’s life and he always has his ear to the ground listening for whos hot (and avoiding whos not). Lots of comedy clubs are fairly small, with small audiences and small budgets, some people prefer the intimacy of a small comedy club (if you do, keep a look out for our smaller studio theatre nights), but some people prefer to know they will not be picked on by the compere, and be able to hide in the anonymity and safety of a crowd. The Cranbrook Comedy Club takes full advantage of the economies of scale afforded by our size, our 300+ audience sizes allow us to book the best possible comedians while our tickets are still able to be offered at a very competitive price point. Our final trick in giving you the best line-up your ticket price can afford is occasionally sharing a comedian with another local-ish club on the same night (hence our slightly later 8 pm start) giving you the chance to see a “Live at the Apolo” level comedian locally and affordably.

We have decided to offer cheaper ticket prices for the seats we want to fill first. Not only do we offer a great discount on earlier bird tickets (join our mailing list by clicking “FOLLOW US” at the top of the page, to be first in line), but you can now get seats in the front 2 rows for as little as £9, the further forward you sit and the earlier you book the cheaper your tickets will be.

This is a regular event with irregular dates so please check out the What’s On page for future Cranbrook Comedy Club nights, you don’t want to miss one, trust us!

Parking is available on site in the school grounds and also along Cranbrook High Street and the Free Jockey Lane and Tanyard Carparks.

Disabled parking is available halfway along Barham Drive on the righthand side, outside the Performing Arts Centre (opposite the side entrance to the Queen’s Hall Theatre).

Please use the postcode TN17 3JD to navigate, the theatre is located along Waterloo Road in Cranbrook town centre.