About The Queen’s Hall

The Queen’s Hall Theatre was first opened in 1976; the original vision for the building was to provide a local community theatre which was funded by Cranbrook school, by the Education Authority and by Public subscription.

The subsequent refurbishment twenty years later in 1996 was financed by a generous grant from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, the Lottery Agency and by the Governors of the School, to capitalise upon the venue’s ability to attract visiting Arts Companies of a high calibre to the local area.

Today the Queen’s Hall Theatre provides a diverse range of professional shows to appeal to all ages and tastes. It is located in the centre of Cranbrook within the school and in the heart of the Weald of Kent, available to everyone in the community.

The Queen’s Hall Theatre is a superb facility, seating a maximum of just over 350, which many professional theatre companies would be thrilled to call home. 

The performance space is very flexible with adaptable seating allowing performances in the round, as well as on stage within the traditional proscenium arch. The building is well equipped with state of the art technical equipment and includes a large retractable cinema screen, a comprehensive lighting rig including intelligent moving fixtures, and a high-quality sound system.

There are two good-sized dressing rooms as well as a classroom and green room which can double as extra-large dressing/band rooms when required.