Cranbrook School Performing Arts

Welcome to Cranbrook School’s Performing Arts Department!

“I have been acting in, directing and watching theatrical productions for 45 years and I have rarely enjoyed anything as much as this.”

The Queen’s Hall Theatre is situated within Cranbrook School’s grounds and our Performing Arts Department takes full advantage of the professional facility the Theatre provides.

The Queen’s Hall Theatre is the home for the majority of our performances and productions, with our remarkable music, drama and dance students performing regularly throughout the academic year.

Our exceptionally talented students showcase a variety of performance styles; from focusing on one performance specialism, to combining them, there will always be something for everyone to enjoy.

If you haven’t seen a Cranbrook School Performing Arts production, then you have been missing out. Our annual Musical, a favourite for many, features a youth cast, crew and orchestra or band. Don’t be deceived by this; the students and staff pour copious amount of enthusiasm and hard work into the production. They have outstandingly high production values – all of which produces a show oozing with professionalism and one you certainly won’t want to miss!

Other events in our school calendar include our Music Ensembles Concerts, An Evening of Drama, The Christmas Concert, Battle of the Bands and our Annual Play.

The Performing Arts Department welcomes the public and encourages you to come and see one of our unforgettable shows. Please see below for details of our upcoming events, including how to book tickets.

We are also fortunate enough to occupy the Performing Arts Centre, which provides us with a fantastic Blackbox Studio Theatre, Music Practice Rooms, a Music Performance Auditorium and a Recording Studio, as well as all this we also have a Dance Studio within the school grounds.

If you have any questions regarding Performing Arts please contact Rebecca Watson (Head of Department).


  • Rebecca Watson

    Head of Performing Arts
  • Genevieve Horan

    Music Department Administrator
  • Kester Hulland-Rumley

    Theatre Manager
  • Richard Tennant

    Drama Teacher
  • Lisa Barrett

    Music Teacher
  • William Stoneham

    Theatre Technician