Technical Specification


Get–in via backstage scene dock to stage via sliding doors 2.95m x 2m, dock doors 2.92m x 1.88m. Proscenium arch. Performing area 7.31m x 6.1m. No Rake. Floor Hard Ply board, suitable for dance, Lino available, height of grid 4.2m, tab track x 3 black masking, White calico cyclorama, gold house tabs (drawn). Orchestra Pit (3’ depth. 6’ thrust) seats approx 20 with music stands.


Chamsys Magic Q 40 lighting board with 4 universes.

72 channels of which 30 are soft patch.

23 LED parcans

12 Par 64s

Profile spots:- 2 x 1kw Silhouettes, 8 x Source 4 zoom 25/50, 4 x Source 4 50 Deg, 6 x 1kw Pacific 75/45, 4 x 1kw Pacific 12/24, 4 x 650w Brio

5 baton codas LED

4 harmonies permanently rigged

Warm and cold face light permanently rigged

Working lights on stage

3 complete stage washes of 18 fresnels 1k can be run.

2 x 2k follow spots

Assorted lights for gobos and other effects.

Wireless communication talk back system for dressing room and front of house


Allen & Heath QU32 digital soundboard

Bose Cannon bass speaker

2 handheld trantec wireless mics

4 wireless headset mics

10 other wired mics of assorted makes


Distro box

32, 16, 15, or 13 amp power supply

Projector Screen in front of pros arch (cannot be moved)


4 x Drum Raisers

Assorted steel decking & scaffolding legs

Smoke Machine

Star cloth

Mirror ball

20 lit music stands + 1 double size lit conductor’s stand

Assorted extension leads

2 sets black box tab tracks

Winch bar

Spare curtain track

1 x small Ladder 2 x medium ladders. 1 x Large Ladder.

Please note

Naked flames, pyrotechnics or any like activities ARE RESTRICTED in this venue.

Any lighting gels, soft patching or focusing changes must be discussed with the Technician. Any changes made without consultation with the Technician may incur a charge to reset the venue for future shows.

There is no internet in the building.

See the What's On section for full details and show descriptions

Queens Hall Theatre