Hypnosis Without Hypnotism

  • Shows from:20th of January 2022
  • Performance by:#QHT

A Hypnotist who doesn't use Hypnosis?
Martin Taylor is a hypnotist, works as a hypnotist, has been a stage hypnotist for over fifteen years.  Yet he doesn't use hypnosis.  Martin has fascinated and thrilled audiences all over the country with his shows.  We look forward to welcoming him back here again.  Tickets are available for Cranbrook School students, staff, parents and friends of parents.
We laughed until we cried – even the participants! … My colleagues are still talking about it a month on!     Wendy Bloomer, HBOS
People were begging to rebook before you'd even left the building.  Tamsin Roberts, Leicester University.  – 
Back by popular demand in only six months, Martin left his audience in stitches.  Tim Derry,The Dickens Inn – Tickets £8 – 20/01/2022

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