• Shows from:3rd of February 2022
  • Performance by:#PARTS

Cranbrook School Performing Arts present GREASE the musical.

Having had the best summer together, Danny, the American Boy and Sandy, the Australian girl, exchange oaths of eternal devotion, and part ways forever. However, unbeknownst to them, an unexpected change of plans will reunite the young dreamers at the bustling Rydell High for the new term. Only this time, something has changed. Danny, the cocky and rebellious leader of the Greaser Gang; The Thunder Birds, feels compelled to maintain his hard-earned reputation in front of his friends, and Rydell's high-spirited gang, The Pink Crew.
Both Danny and Sandy are forced to reflect, realising their worlds will only integrate if perceptions change. In a world where style is everything, can they save their love in time?