The Pantaloons present William Shakespeare’s Othello

It’s stormy outside.  In here, tensions are simmering.  As a touring swing band gather for their next performance, malevolent trickster Iago begins to sow the seeds of mistrust.

The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons relocate Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of jealousy and deception to a jazz-age setting, with live music, intense drama and more than a hint of their own inimitable brand of theatrical mischief.

October 8, 2019
7:30 pm
The Pantaloons present William Shakespeare’s Othello
"What did thy song bode, lady? Hark, canst thou hear me? I will play the swan, And die in music..." The Pantaloons return to perform their version of Othello by Mr William Shakespeare
Adults £18 Students £12.50

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Queens Hall Theatre